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Child Consultation Center

We cope with every consultation about child

Child care, development consultation

About growth and the development of child every; have give advice. There is done infant counselor's office of tsushitsuyubido in three places of cities (Togashi, Konohana, the station west). In addition, at first every trouble that does not know where we should talk with will call here.

TEL 076-243-0874

Consultation (city child consultation center) of nurture

When nurture of child became difficult by disease, the death, disappearance from home, divorce of protector; provide consultation. We have you receive application for child short stay and twilight stay here.

TEL 076-243-4158

Consultation by expert

Advice by experts such as pediatrician, psychiatrist, language hearing person is received. Let alone protector, nursery staff, kindergarten, teachers of elementary and junior high school can feel free to contact, too. We perform patrol consultation to go to Childcare Center, kindergarten, elementary and junior high school directly (reservation required).

TEL 076-243-0874

Consultation (city child consultation center) of child abuse

Ill-treated case; when can cause; is consulted, to prevention and abuse of abuse including care of heart of child and instruction support of protector cope.

TEL 076-243-4158

Address / Togashi 3-10-1 MAP
Time / from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:45 (interview consultation requires reservation)
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